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Sample from "Home Builder Hiring Guide":

So you know what you want in your home and now it’s time to find someone to build it. But where do you look? Many people building a home have never done so before and so they have no idea where to look first. But you don’t need to feel completely lost. There are a few key places to start looking for a homebuilder and once you’ve looked at just a few of them, you may be surprised at just how many names of different homebuilders you have!

Just like when you’re looking for anything else, one place to start is in the newspaper. Don’t flip to the classifieds though, go instead straight to the Homes section. This section will tell you about the builders in the area and may even have pictures of some of the homes that they’ve built.

Also, make sure to talk to anyone you know who has built a home lately, or know someone who has. If the person you speak to isn’t the one who got the home built, ask for the name and number of the person that did, and if they would mind you calling them. Then you can ask what they liked about their builder, what they didn’t like, and if they were happy with their home when it was finished...